A Reinvigorated Bank on Main Street Provides Career Opportunities for Young Professionals to Thrive in Their Hometown

Thread Bank’s investments in leadership, talent, and technology benefit the local community — and create employment opportunities for accomplished local young adults to grow their careers  
Thread Bank (“Thread”) was built on the foundation of Civis Bank, founded in East Tennessee in 1906 to provide traditional banking services to meet the financial needs of communities across Eastern Tennessee. Thread was recapitalized by a group of FinTech venture capital and bank private equity investors in 2021 and has since made significant investments in leadership, talent and technology to expand its capabilities and create a new paradigm for community banking success. These innovations include leveraging embedded digital banking capabilities designed to empower 21st-century entrepreneurs. 
The infusion of $47 million of new capital and a new strategy into what was once a struggling community bank has resulted in a cutting-edge, modern business where several of Rogersville’s most talented youth can come home, grow their career, and contribute to the community they grew up in. Rogersville natives hired by Thread since May 2021 include: Emma Hughes (Staff Accountant), Michael Jones (Third Party Risk Manager), Elizabeth Chambers (Business Analyst), Ethan Crowder (Staff Accountant), and Morgan Trent (Loan Operations specialist). 
When asked what attracted her to Thread, Emma Hughes, Staff Accountant and Rogersville native, stated: “What excites me most about Thread Bank is the growth and the commitment they have made to the state of Tennessee and this town. Our small town doesn’t see a lot of big job opportunities on a regular basis. I think it is amazing to see Thread hiring so many people from our area and allowing them to grow their careers at a fast pace.” 
Sharing the sentiment, Elizabeth Chambers, Business Analyst, added: “The cutting-edge nature of the bank is what initially attracted me. It has always been a staple in the Rogersville community but is starting to grow in ways I never expected a small-town bank to grow.” 
Collectively, these Rogersville natives are excited about the opportunity to further their careers and to be a part of the continued growth and success as they help the bank realize its vision for the future. And they get to do it in their hometown. 
“We are thrilled to have such talented, local standouts return to Rogersville to grow their careers with Thread,” said Thread CEO and President Chris Black. “Their confidence in what we are building to better serve the local community and the country and their desire to move back to Rogersville to be a part of it is a testament to the investments we have made in cutting-edge technology and the idea that great jobs can exist anywhere. The acumen and leadership of this talented crop of Rogersville natives will help Thread further its mission and move confidently into the future.” 

To learn more about Thread Bank’s initiatives and current career opportunities with the bank, please contact customerservice@thread.bank.