Local Talent Spotlight: Morgan Trent, Business Analyst

Morgan Trent

A recent blog post titled "A Reinvigorated Bank on Main Street Provides Career Opportunities for Young Professionals to Thrive in Their Hometown" talked about how Thread Bank’s investments in leadership, talent, and technology have benefitted the local community and have created employment opportunities for accomplished local young adults to grow their careers.   

The infusion of $47 million of new capital and a new strategy into what was once a struggling community bank has resulted in a cutting-edge, modern business where several of Rogersville’s most talented youth can come home, grow their career, and contribute to the community they grew up in. 

The Local Talent Spotlight series highlights the Thread Bank team members who grew up in Rogersville, TN and have either stayed or returned home to grow their careers with Thread. 

Below, hear from Morgan Trent, Business Analyst and Rogersville native, in her own words, what attracted her to and excites her about Thread Bank. 

Why did you decide to live and work in Rogersville?

Rogersville is my home. I was raised here, surrounded by most of my extended family. In 2019, I moved three hours away to continue my education and earn a bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Tennessee Technological University. After graduating, I had part-time jobs in the middle Tennessee area but began feeling pulled to come back home. It is an honor to serve the community that raised me.

What attracted you to Thread Bank?

Becoming aware of available jobs that fit my major, I was most excited about the opportunity at Thread Bank. I was told “the people who bought Civis Bank have a vision of becoming more than just a local bank. They want to rebrand and expand their offerings.” This definitely piqued my interest. My first thought was “Wow! My small Rogersville is moving up in the world.” Hearing about growth in a company is something that can attract a potential employee, which is exactly what it did for me. I decided I wanted to jump on this opportunity and be a part of the continued growth and success of Thread Bank.

What excites you about working at Thread Bank?

The growth Thread Bank is experiencing makes me really excited. Where there is growth, there is more opportunity. I like the thought of being able to put my degree to use and learn more about the company and the opportunities it provides for my future. I feel Thread Bank affords their employees the opportunity to grow with the company. What makes this even more exciting is that I was able to find this sort of opportunity in the small, rural town I call home. It did not take long before I realized my co-workers are one of the primary reasons I am excited to come to work every day. They make it easy. Thread Bank is becoming more and more like my family every day.

Describe Thread Bank in 5 Words.

Welcoming. Respectful. Progressive. Innovative. Motivating.